What's wrong with needles?

Needles have several adverse characteristics. They are necessarily sharp and during introduction into the area to be treated they will:

  • Lacerate blood vessels
  • Require repeated insertion to re-position
  • Cause collateral tissue damage
  • Cause associated bruising
  • For a small minority they may terrify the patient

What are the benefits of flexible fine cannulas?

It can be seen that there are several distinct advantages to using the new, flexible fine cannulas for injecting dermal fillers:

  • Patient comfort
  • With no bruising, patients may really return to work or social functions immediately afterwards
  • The term "lunch-time"treatment is entirely appropriate
  • Patients who may be needle phobic are reassured when they see the cannula and further reassured by the genuine lack of pain.
  • For the practitioner, and enthusiastic, relaxed patient is a bonus and the technique allows for precise -  delivery of ideal amounts of dermal filler. Training is needed to be confident and to hone injecting skills.

Key Points:

  • Cannulas cause much less trauma and bruising
  • More even and uniform distribution of product
  • Less product needed to give good results
  • Much less pain
  • Training needed before use and is not suitable for all practitioners.