Body Contouring in Lehi, UT

Lipodissolve (Deoxycholic Acid)

Deoxycholic acid, also known as Lipodissolve, is a bile acid, naturally found in our body, which breaks down and absorbs fats in our diets. Deoxycholic acid is a nonsurgical, FDA approved injection that is used for contouring and improving the appearance of submental fullness. This treatment works on 86% of people, when it does work it is amazing. As time passes on, many patients find they have increased levels of fatty tissue creating pockets of fat. Some patients find their problem areas are difficult to improve with diet and exercise and look for other options to reduce their fat. Deoxycholic acid is used for problem areas such as double chin, under arms, back fat, banana roll, abdomen, flanks etc.


Cryolipolysis, also known as “fat freezing”, is a non-invasive cooling of the body fat to break down the fat cells. Which results in a reduction of body fat without damaging any tissue or organs. The effects of the procedure takes several months to be seen, 86% of our patients see amazing results after 3 months.

Accent PrimeTM

Accent Radiofrequency is a revolutionary, non-surgical and device-led skin tightening and fat reduction treatment which is designed to contour and tighten areas of the face and body, with no downtime or side effects. Accent Prime is designed to remove fat, improve skin texture and tone, and enhance the contours of the body without invasive surgery. It can also be used on a range of skin conditions such as stretch marks, scars and melasma; as well as lightening and rejuvenating the skin.


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